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Guitar Being a "Chick Magnet"

Now when I first started playing guitar about 11 years ago, I was pretty ignorant of this supposed perk.  I just thought it was cool and I could learn some Guns N' Roses songs.  Then one day, when I was hesitant about playing something for my sisters, one informed me.  And so I began to think, "This guitar thing could turn out to be a pretty awesome life choice."

Yeah, well 11 years down the road I can tell you, not so much.  I'm not saying I regret learning how to play guitar, I still like playing and yada-yada but as for a modus operandi for getting girls... its been less than an effective tool.

I mean, I've never really flaunted my guitar playing.  I didn't carry it around with me on campus, I didn't open up conversations with "Hey, I'm a guitarist.  How you doin'?"  When I played for other people I usually played original songs - significantly cutting back on sing-a-long opportunities.

You lied to me Jon Bon Jovi.

But, when I think about it, I can only ever recall one time when a girl was into me just after seeing me play guitar (and she was kind of a nasty skank).  I mean, sure, guitar has helped me close the deal after a girl is already interested, but that doesn't count.

It's particularly useless when you're in a bar filled with other musicians.  Then things just boil down to physical appearance, or God forbid, talent.

Kid Rock proves that fame will always outweigh talent and cleanliness.

I'm not saying that a girl is going to suddenly not like you if you drop the "by the way, I play guitar" line on her.  But as for being a "Chick Magnet" guitar, you're overrated.


Get offa Facebook, Parents! (Part II)

As if writing this is even necessary after the comments posted on the first installment but it can never be said enough.



Now this joke is a little uncreative (and I get the feeling Dwayne is probably the "friend" that no one really likes base on his reaction) but it is perfectly acceptable, I mean seriously, it's so obvious, did Chris not see this coming?

Notice how lame-pants dad ruins a perfectly good joke by inviting himself into the dialogue.  But really, the fault lies with Chris for being friends with his dad in the first place.  Way to go Chris.




Halo is lame.

It's Star Trek, it's Starcraft, it's Aliens, it's Starship Troopers.  It's anything but original.


Maybe if I was twelve and never played Call of Duty 4, 5, or 6, or GoldenEye.  Maybe, I'd like it.


The multiplayer is boring and stupid.  What?  I said it.


Halo, lets face it.  You're Overrated.  Game Over, Man.