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Atomic Tom, Take Me Out!

You want an inside scoop?  Rhetorical question, I'm giving you one no matter what so deal.

At about this time next year Atomic Tom is going to be the Bee's Knees of modern rock.  People are gonna say, "Atomic Tom is my new favorite band." "Man, Kings of Leon?  So 2009." "I wish Bruce Springsteen sounded as good Atomic Tom."  Well, maybe they won't say all of those things, but two out of three!

But Rated Wrong wants to give you the chance be even snootier when talking about Atomic Tom.  We are going to give you the chance to buy their brand new single "Take Me Out" right here!  And here! And even here!

Don't pass up this great opportunity so when you hear the latest hit from Atomic Tom on the radio (Or whatever device Steve Jobs creates to replace it after he outlaws the radio by refusing to create an app for it) you can turn to your friend and say, "Yeah, these guys used to be cool... until they got all corporate and sold out."


Still not convinced?  Well why not, what are you, stupid?  Okay, in case you are, here is a great live version of "Take Me Out" for free!

Atomic Tom, you are surely underrated!


Ask A Hater: Sunglasses at Night

Dear Hater,

Why do people wear sunglasses at night?

- Kid Koala


Dear Kid with made up name,

People wear sunglasses at night for the same reason they wear orange spray tan, or that they use entirely too much hair gel... they are brutally misinformed.  You see, these people actually believe they look cooler with these accessories, and not like the tool boxes they end up very closely resembling.

If only there was someone good enough out there, that they respected (that is important because if its just some guy all we'll get is one more homoerotic brobrawl, and no one wants that), someone to tell them:  "Hey man, you look like a douche."  Maybe the Fonz.

I can probably count the number of living people cool enough to get away with wearing sunglasses at night on one hand, but regardless of the coolness factor, there are plenty of practical reasons not to wear sunglasses at night.

1.  You could seriously injure or maim yourself.

2.  People will think you don't know what decade it is.

3.  People will think you're blind.

4.  You look like a douche rocket.

I could go on, but you get it.

Everyone wants to be the next Corey Hart, and that's okay.  But I think the sooner we all just accept the fact that none of us will ever be able to match the songwriting genius of Mr. Hart, the better.

corey hart sunglasses at night
Uploaded by iowaluder. - See the latest featured music videos.

-The Hater



Funnie, to be more specific.

I'm going to nip this is the bud right off, I'm not hating on the show "Doug".  I grew up with and loved the misadventures of the kids of Bluffington just like the rest of babies of the mid-80s.  I can't, however, extend the same love to the show's title character.

Even when I was watching the show as a eight-year-old, or whatever, I would constantly think: "Man, this kid is such a wimp."  Seriously, Douglas, grow a pair already.

I'm not sure what it was about him that seemed so wussy.  Maybe it was the fact that he kept a diary.  Or that he never asked Patty Mayonnaise out.  Or that he constantly lived in fear of Roger, the school "bully" who never actually beat up anyone.  Or maybe its just that he was a total coward and whiney baby.  I don't know, probably one of those.

At least he could come out of his shell long enough to give us this masterpiece (Even though Doug lets Beebe completely steal the spotlight... cause he has a phobia of pink girls, and everything else)

FUNNY PICTURES - auto insurance

Doug Funnie, you Overrated.


Fun Fact: Did you know (at least, according to Wikipedia) Doug's neighbor, Mr. Dink's name is a reference to the acronym "DINK" (Dual income no kids).  I didn't even know this phrase existed in the 90s.