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The Thrill of Competition!

K.H. MacLean

K.H. MacLean?

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Little is known about K.H. MacLean, although, many have tried to speculate.  Some say that he was orphaned at a very young age, adopted by a wealthy benefactor, went to a fancy pants university where he was constantly reminded of his true social standing, then he became a spy for the British government seducing beautiful women and killing ugly men with cold calculated precision, before finally settling down in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Others believe he is a completely self-made man, not unlike Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom.  Still others believe he was born and raised in CT, moved to Brooklyn after graduating college and created this website one day when he was bored.  But no one can know for sure.


The Hater


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The Hater wasn't always as bitter as his namesake.  When he was young, his heart was an open book, and he used to say "live and let live".  Until one day, he stepped in one pile of shit too many left behind by some model's spoiled chow and he said, "fuck it".  So he went to the one place on earth where he knew he would be heard... unfortunately, due to a contract dispute, he had to settle for RatedWrong.  Where is the Justice!?