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2014 Year in Review: The Legacy of The Colbert Report

I can still remember the night the Colbert Report premiered.  

It was the fall of my sophomore year in College.  Nightly viewings of The Daily Show had become something of a ritual for myself a few other denizens of the 2nd floor Aquinas dorm.  We had come to terms with another for years of George W. and I was likely consuming a bottle of coke with a pair of pop tarts.  As Jon Stewart signed off are gaze did not waiver from the tv for starting that night, the ritual no longer ended at 11:30.  The screen split as Jon traded banter with a sarcastic Stephen and moments later, The Colbert Report began.

The rest is history.

Truthiness, Papa Bear, Colbert Super Pac, Stephen Colbert rode a pitch perfect right-wing conservative wave of satire for 1447 glorious episodes.



He didn't start there.  I do remember distinctly thinking the Daily Show was the more entertaining and interesting of the two programs early on.  Colbert was clever but felt one dimensional and his mostly intellectual guests didn't quite know what to make of the character of "Stephen Colbert".

The great leap forward (at least for me) came with the writer's strike.  Dozens of shows on television went dark when the writer's strike hit in 2007.  Late night programming tried to remain on, at the benefit of the crews that worked on the show.  Many of these shows, such as Letterman and Late Night with Conan O'Brien clearly suffered from the absence of it's writing staff.  In truth, most of the shows that stayed on were borderline unwatchable, save for two: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

In this setting Colbert didn't just stay the course he was made stronger, sharper.  Perhaps without a group of writers he was forced to look to himself, explore what made his character the way he was, ask what it was his character would think about anything and everything going on in the world.  Whatever it was, Colbert found a second gear that hadn't been there before.  The result was a flood of wit and innuendo that turned the horrifying into the absurd and the absurd into the familiar.

Possibly the greatest talent of Colbert was his ability to conceal common sense and then reveal it again like a magician.  The number of tricks and gags Colbert had hiding up his sleeves was endless, and you never saw them coming no matter how closely he let you look.

Colbert with his character explored the very edges of cultural satire.  It was something he did so well that it earned him the respect of celebrities and politicians across the ideological spectrum.  It was something he was so dedicated to he often fooled those he was mocking into thinking he was fighting the good fight on their behalf.

It might be unfair to give the crown of "Show of the Year" to The Colbert Report, but as Colbert himself might have said "The rules exist to benefit me."  The Colbert Report wasn't just the best show of 2014, it was the best thing on television the last nine years.  (Nearly) Every night.  From start to finish.  It was all Colbert.




The League Showdown! Matchup #3

Today a domestic brawl!


Kevin vs. Jenny


The most functional relationship (romantic or otherwise) doubles as one of the greatest rivalries of The League.  I just want to say before we go any further that I really like Kevin and Jenny as a couple.  They have great chemistry, a good dynamic, and they're both relatable.  But this is a Showdown not a five course dinner party and only one McArthur can come out of this alive!


What's good about Kevin?  Well, right off, we have the same name.  Actually, I'm not sure if that works in his favor.  He is the closest thing the series has to a protagonist, coming oh-so-close to that victory he desires so badly only to get routinely thwarted by his various nemsises on the one yard line.  Kevin is the everyman like Pete, but he languishes in impotence (metophorical) and self doubt enough for us to empathize with him but not enough for us to hate him for being a weak whiney baby.  What fantasy footballer hasn't experienced THIS before?

Kevin is also one of the more complex characters of the show, in large part because he seems to be the only one with any semblance of a traditional moral center.  Thanks to his vast collection of ...For Dummies books he is in so shortage of comic supply for his compatriots.  Oh yeah, and he invented the Shiva Blast.


Jenny could very easily be the most underrated character of The League.  Sure, she isn't flashy.  She's never going to have an entire episode dedicated to her personal shenannigans.  Her one-liner supply is more limited than the guys because she isn't in as many group scenes.  Though she does have her share of memorable quips:

Ruxin: Why are you dressed like a whore?

Jenny: I dressed like your wife to get in here.

Ruxin: (Raises hand) Fives.

Jenny is like a change of pace running back or Derelle Revis.  A lot of what she does won't show up on the scoreboard but she's invaluable to sucess of the team.  She is maybe the only character that we see on a consistent bases try to balance being a fantasy football godess with a good parent and wife.  A task complicated by the fact that she's better at fantasy than her husband.


Jenny has made her mark on The League by being the dominant force in the McArthur household, both on and off the field.  Many a time has Kevin been relegated to holding her purse or lip gloss while Jenny sets off to defend the family honor from the invading hordes (Ruxin).  But does Jenny's empowering righteousness really make her a more enjoyable character than the lovably pathetic Kevin?  My heart wants to say yes, but the numbers don't lie and Kevin bests her in every category but complexity.  Congratulation, Kevin, your Shiva Bowl dream live on!

Winner: Kevin McArthur



Obvious Observation: Car Alarms are Useless

Well, I guess they aren't completely useless, they do succeed in annoying the hell out of everyone.  

Why don't people talk about this more?  Seriously, I've never once even heard of someone preventing a car theft because of a car alarm.  If you removed all of the car alarms from the earth tonight, what would happen?  Everyone would get a good night sleep?

No one actually thinks a car is being stolen when they hear one go off.  Can you imagine if you called the police every time you heard a car alarm go off?  They'd probably just laugh at you.

- "Please help!  A car alarm just went off outside my window, I think a theft is in progress!"

- "Can you see the thieves?"

- "What?  No, I'm not looking out the window!  Are you crazy!?  What if they see me, they could be armed!"

Not much really needs to be said, but I'd rather talk about it than actually take action and solve the problem.  That's a lot of work.  Ugh, work.