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Obvious Observation: Car Alarms are Useless

Well, I guess they aren't completely useless, they do succeed in annoying the hell out of everyone.  

Why don't people talk about this more?  Seriously, I've never once even heard of someone preventing a car theft because of a car alarm.  If you removed all of the car alarms from the earth tonight, what would happen?  Everyone would get a good night sleep?

No one actually thinks a car is being stolen when they hear one go off.  Can you imagine if you called the police every time you heard a car alarm go off?  They'd probably just laugh at you.

- "Please help!  A car alarm just went off outside my window, I think a theft is in progress!"

- "Can you see the thieves?"

- "What?  No, I'm not looking out the window!  Are you crazy!?  What if they see me, they could be armed!"

Not much really needs to be said, but I'd rather talk about it than actually take action and solve the problem.  That's a lot of work.  Ugh, work.

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Reader Comments (2)

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