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The League Showdown! Matchup #3

Today a domestic brawl!


Kevin vs. Jenny


The most functional relationship (romantic or otherwise) doubles as one of the greatest rivalries of The League.  I just want to say before we go any further that I really like Kevin and Jenny as a couple.  They have great chemistry, a good dynamic, and they're both relatable.  But this is a Showdown not a five course dinner party and only one McArthur can come out of this alive!


What's good about Kevin?  Well, right off, we have the same name.  Actually, I'm not sure if that works in his favor.  He is the closest thing the series has to a protagonist, coming oh-so-close to that victory he desires so badly only to get routinely thwarted by his various nemsises on the one yard line.  Kevin is the everyman like Pete, but he languishes in impotence (metophorical) and self doubt enough for us to empathize with him but not enough for us to hate him for being a weak whiney baby.  What fantasy footballer hasn't experienced THIS before?

Kevin is also one of the more complex characters of the show, in large part because he seems to be the only one with any semblance of a traditional moral center.  Thanks to his vast collection of ...For Dummies books he is in so shortage of comic supply for his compatriots.  Oh yeah, and he invented the Shiva Blast.


Jenny could very easily be the most underrated character of The League.  Sure, she isn't flashy.  She's never going to have an entire episode dedicated to her personal shenannigans.  Her one-liner supply is more limited than the guys because she isn't in as many group scenes.  Though she does have her share of memorable quips:

Ruxin: Why are you dressed like a whore?

Jenny: I dressed like your wife to get in here.

Ruxin: (Raises hand) Fives.

Jenny is like a change of pace running back or Derelle Revis.  A lot of what she does won't show up on the scoreboard but she's invaluable to sucess of the team.  She is maybe the only character that we see on a consistent bases try to balance being a fantasy football godess with a good parent and wife.  A task complicated by the fact that she's better at fantasy than her husband.


Jenny has made her mark on The League by being the dominant force in the McArthur household, both on and off the field.  Many a time has Kevin been relegated to holding her purse or lip gloss while Jenny sets off to defend the family honor from the invading hordes (Ruxin).  But does Jenny's empowering righteousness really make her a more enjoyable character than the lovably pathetic Kevin?  My heart wants to say yes, but the numbers don't lie and Kevin bests her in every category but complexity.  Congratulation, Kevin, your Shiva Bowl dream live on!

Winner: Kevin McArthur


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