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Gentlemen's DisAgreement 1/10/2015

Well, well, well, look what's back.  It's a new episode of Gentlemen's DisAgreement featuring Taylor Ortega.  Kevin and Taylor talk about the year that was, the year that will be, Kevin's miserable highschool dating life and public perception of Taylor Swift.  Listen below or download on Itunes HERE!  


Gentlemen's DisAgreement - August 23rd - 2014

Will Neville joins the pod this week to reflect on Robin Williams' career and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

0:00 - Robin Williams

35:00 - Ice Bucket Challenge

53:00 - Your Opinions!

Listen HERE!


Gentlemen's disAgreement - July 16th - 2014


Here it is!  At long last.  The Rated Wrong podcast, Gentlemen's disAgreement.  In this (first) installment, comedian Phil Casale joins me (KH MacLean) to talk about Comic Book movies and the state of the big summer movie.  Take a listen below!

0:00 - Phil and I open things up talking a little bit about the World Cup and Bands on the Run.

14:10 - Comic Book Movies and Summer Films

52:20 - Word Game:  Your Opinions!