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Rated Wrong's Guide to Online Dating - Part 2 - Your Dating Options

So, now that you know how to look respectable online we've come to the second quesiton of online dating:  Where to put your respectable profile.

There are a lot of choices.  All are good.  All are bad.  All are different.

Here is a breakdown of the many different ways you can go.

OKCupid (Online Dating for Poor People)

Type: Free Site (with pay benefits)


Membership Length: Several Years

Number of Dates: 15+

The most established of your free options, and the best.

Highly customizable and a fantastic layout make the site easy to navigate and optimal for getting to know your potential dates.

The greatest flaw of OKCupid comes with one of its biggest selling points:  it's free.  Free dating sites tend to attract more lurkers and creeps.  The free aspect also means you get a lot of people not really interested in meeting so you can waste a lot of time reading about and talking to people that won't ever go out with you. (Online dating for old people)

Type: Pay Site


Membership Length: seven months

Number of Dates: 3

The OG dating site.  It was what people used for online dating before it was cool.  For the more serious and sophisticated individual.  Which is all true, but it doesn't translate into more dates.

While, OKCupid's best feature is its personalization, Match goes the route of connections.  Every facet of Match is designed around putting people profiles in front of you, encouraging you to meet somebody.  While this helps you see as many potential dates as possible, it doesn't do much for getting to know them.  "You both like books!" is a great example of a completely sincere attempt by Match's dating gods to get you to talk to someone.  Even for those who believe the only way to really get to know someone is to meet them, it's a bit sparse.

Coffee Meets Bagel (The Hermit Dating app)

Type: Free App (with pay benefits)


Membership Length: 3 Months

Number of Dates: 0

I'll give Coffee Meets Bagel some credit: they have a pretty novel take on the dating app. You can only view one profile every 24 hours.

But it doesn't work, and you have to pay money to look at more than one profile a day.  Its a scam.

Also, there is an oddly high percentage of Asian users.  Like weirdly high.  I don't know, maybe Coffee Meets Bagel is a front for the Triads.

Tinder (Hot or Not dating app)

Type: Free App

Membership Length: 5 Months


Number of Dates: 3

The no frills dating site.  it says "Hey we know you only care about the pictures anyway."  It's no frills dating site.  Do you like this face?  Want to kiss it?  Then swipe right.

Features an incredibly high percentage of ridiculously good looking people on it compared to other sites and apps.  Of course, none of them will ever go out with you, but its nice to see them.  

Biggest problem: Girls are notoriously picky on tinder and guys are the opposite.

Happn (Not as Good Tinder...It might be French)

Type: Free App (With Pay Benefits)


Length of Use: 4 Months

Number of Dates: 0

A lot like Tinder but with a worse interface.  Only shown people that were in the same place as you recently.

Bristlr (Tinder but only with beards)

Type: Free App (with pay benefits)


Length of Use: 3 weeks

Number of Dates: 1

Like Tinder but for guys with beards.  More fun than Happn but the interface is atrocious.