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(Least) Favorite Musician

Dear Hater,

Who is your most hated musician out today?

- Coolio




Holy Shit! Let me first just say on behalf of everyone here at Rated Wrong how exciting it is to have a former celebrity writing us.  I never cared too much for any of your work but I loved "Amish Paradise" and have been known to rock out to Bad Hair Day to this very day.

Now to answer your question.  I know you might be inclined to think I'd hate on something obvious, like the Jonas Brothers or Katy Perry (who I would never hate!).

FACT: Katy Perry is very hot, making her very difficult to hate.

No, my most hated musician is none other than Delicious D.

Who is Delicious D you ask?  Well, I don't really know.  I've never listened to his music.  I've never read anything about him.  I don't even know if he's alive  I clicked on his Myspace page once but exited out before it loaded.

All I know is that, for some ungodly reason, my Itunes decided that everything by the band Tenacious D is actually by this guy and so anytime I play a Tenacious D song this comes up on the album artwork...

What is more awesome than a white dude in a blue fluffy hat standing in front of a giant mound of cash in front of a massive explosion?

What the hell is that?  Certainly not Jack Black.  The image is so chock full of cliches (my favorite is the presence of the booty dancers with a little too much booty in the corner) that I question whether or not Delicious is meant to be taken seriously.

Either way, I flippin' hate this guy and am insulted that Apple products seem to think I'd ever listen to his music.

-The Hater


P.S. Just kidding Coolio, love "Gangsta's Paradise".