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Ask a Hater: Blasting the Radio

Question: Why does every other person that drives by my street facing bedroom seem to think I want to know what song is playing on their stereo?



Dear Ricky,

What, you didn't know?  All of those people have the baddest stereos and are playing the dopest songs to ever be heard by human ears.  You'd be crazy to not want to hear it!

I had a crazy teacher in college that used to say about people who did this, "You know how big an asshole you have to be to blare your music like that?  Look at me!  'My music is the best music ever, listen to it!'"  The most valuable thing I ever learned in my four years there.

If the back of your car looks like this, everyone in your neighborhood hates you.

This may be one of the most obnoxious, a-hole things total strangers can do to one another without ever realizing they're even being douche rockets.

The guy who lives across the street from me is a great example.

This individual (who has two cars which he parks in front of my apartment) loves blasting his tunes.  Not only that, but he loves blasting them at 2:30 in the morning while he aligns his two cars for five minutes.  Also, he has this super annoying ringtone that goes off about once every 30 seconds, ANSWER YOUR DAMN PHONE!  I actually am starting to suspect that it isn't a ringtone at all, but rather some noise his truck makes when he puts it in reverse (which is about a million times more obnoxious).

The thing that really gets me about this guy though, is that I can't pinpoint his ethnicity.  I would really like to curse him out under my breath at 3AM in as a specific way as possible but the music he listens to completely throws me.  He looks latino but the music is very white.  Tom Petty, one time I saw him playing air guitar outside his truck to Collective Soul, another time he was just blasting radio commercials.  COMMERCIALS he was making me listen to, this guy.

I'm not surprised by humanity's stupidity, but I am disappointed.


-The Hater